Birthday Parties at BaseStack

Do something different for your birthday and game with your friends. Our 7 VIP Rooms can host parties from 3 to 20 people.

A Party To Remember

Are you wondering where to organise a kids birthday party? Would you want your child to enjoy their special day with their friends? At BaseStack we organise ultimate gaming birthday parties.

We’ll help you organise everything – from catering to the age-appropriate game selection. Check out one of our tournament videos below and see for yourself why gaming with friends is so much better than gaming on your own.

While your child and their friends game away, we can serve coffee for all the parents, but there’s always an option to rent a room for parents so that they can game too. We can also organise a parent and a child duos tournament – spend one day sharing your child’s passion. Get in touch with us and we’ll give you a quote.

Why Choose BaseStack for your party?

BaseStack esports arena

Hire just a room or the whole venue

Large selection of team games and high spec gaming rigs

Catering available with pizza, beer & snacks

BaseStack esports arena

Support from our staff throughout the whole event

Discounts for weekday parties

We can supervise and cater for age appropriate parties

Let us design your bespoke party

Below are just a few examples of what we can offer. Get in touch and we can tailor a custom experience for your special day.

Let us create your perfect party for your special occasion

Fill out the form and let us know:

– how many guests do you expect?

– when do you want to have the party (weekend or weekday)

– if you know which game your child enjoys the most, please let us know – it will help us create the best possible day for them!

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