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Unleash your career potential with BaseStack Edutech. Our innovative programs blend hands-on practice with industry insights, empowering you to turn your passion into a thriving business.

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Stack Up Your Skills

Turn your gaming passion into a thriving career.

Gain the skills and knowledge to excel in game development and join the next generation of gaming innovators.

Our programs are designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience, combining hands-on practice with insights from industry professionals.

Explore under 18 courses

After School Kids Club

Gaming supports the development of various transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, strategy, and mental agility. With access to a wide array of courses, your child will receive the best support to enhance their abilities.

Dive into advanced 18+ courses

Basestack Academy

Explore courses in everything gaming related. With professional drills, secret tips and tricks you can access all of Gameplans’ amazing courses for all of your favourite games including Fortnite, Rocket League, Valorant and many more.

Create Your Own 3D Game

In this course, you’ll learn, practice, and develop your own 3D game. Using the same software that created hits like Fortnite, you’ll start as a complete beginner and finish with your very own game.

Train Virtual Robots

Master the art of remote-controlled and self-driving robots with detailed modules on collision avoidance, sensor data interpretation, and multiplayer robot games. The course provides hands-on experience in programming, debugging, and optimising robots for various interactive tasks and competitions

Careers Through Game Development & Animation

Explore our course merging engineering and creative arts. Design Rube Goldberg machines and delve into animation careers. Hone problem-solving and mechanical skills while discovering animation techniques and career pathways. Perfect for aspiring inventors and animators, join us for an exciting journey of discovery and innovation.

Level Up

Partnering with leaders in the Edutech space we provide the opportunity to turn your love for gaming into a fully immersive learning experience. With courses tailored for differing skill levels and interest find the one for you right here at Basestack.

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